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Instinctual Wellbeing is dedicated to bringing us back to our roots and following our natural instincts. It’s a “back-to-basics” philosophy grounded in preparing and eating real food, listening to your body’s innate wisdom and realizing your limitless potential, with the ultimate goal to be restoring ourselves to our natural state of wellbeing.


About the Author

Mitch HankinsMitch is a courageous free-spirit, a culinary aficionado, a crafter of words, a lover of humor and music, and a self-proclaimed evangelist for the “real food” movement and holistic healing. Failed many times by the “modern” medical model, he now uses diet, nutrition and lifestyle modifications to manage four different autoimmune conditions (Hashimoto’s, Celiac, Rheumatoid Arthritis), as well as fibromyalgia, depression and anxiety. He has two cats and an amazingly supportive fiance who bring joy into his life on the daily, his favorite past time is cooking, cracking jokes, and anything having to do with art, music and/or literature. His favorite quote is, “You were given this life because you are strong enough to live it.” 





About the Logo

InstincutalWellbeingTiger resizedEnsō + Tiger + Yin Yang = Instinctual Wellbeing

Ensōan Ensō symbolizes a myriad of things, such as absolute enlightenment, strength, the authentic self, balance, and a sense of completeness.

Tiger – A symbol of yin energy, the tiger has long stood for qualities like power, energy, strength and courage. Tigers are also known for being one of the kings of the animal kingdom, with a refined sense of inner guidance and instincts that have helped keep them at the top of the food chain for many, many years.

Yin YangThe yin yang symbol represents the belief that all forces in the universe have an opposing, yet complementary force. The small circles within each side are meant to show that there is no absolute; you cannot have one without the other (i.e. there is no light without darkness; no birth without death); it is a perfect symbiotic relationship. The symbol sums up the duality that exists in everything and how that duality leads to a beautiful balance and harmony between all things.  

Meaning to me – All of these elements – the ensō, the tiger and the yin yang – represent principles that I believe in and strive to embody through my life and the approach I take to achieving wellbeing: authenticity, balance, energy, strength and harmony. I believe that by allowing these principles to help guide our lives, we can tap into our Instinctual Wellbeing.