keeping up with the jones

As I sat there on a cold February morning, drinking my tea and scrolling through Instagram and Facebook, I found myself feeling angry. My inner self was restless, unaccommodating and irritated. Yet, I couldn’t put my finger on it. Overall I just felt this weight pressing down on me, a constant pressure to keep up, be better, do more, have more, show more, talk more, teach more, write more, be more creative, decorate more, try more new things, learn more,… Read more »

AIP Valentine's Day dinner for 2

We all know that sometimes eating out while following an AIP (or even straight-up paleo) diet isn’t always the easiest. So what are two love birds to do when Valentine’s Day — one of the holidays probably most well-known for romantic nights out on the town — comes around?  Well, for the first couple years that I was sick and trying to heal, my wife and I would actually stay in and I’d cook a romantic dinner at home. Nothing wrong… Read more »

If you’re looking for an grain-free, AIP-friendly tortilla recipe, you’ve come to the right place! These homemade tortillas are bendy, delicious, and made with just 3 ingredients (plus salt and water) that are easy to find in your pantry, local store and Amazon.  What makes these plantain tortillas special is that the process very much follows that of “traditional” tortilla making, except you’ll have a plantain masa vs. a corn masa (aka, the dough). That said, when you look at… Read more »

aip overly restrictive 2

Lately, there’s been more and more discussion about how the AIP diet is “militant” and “too  restrictive.” I don’t normally participate in these types of  inflammatory conversations  because I RARELY feel like these types of heated discussions on social media are productive – everyone is going to have their own opinions and trying to convince someone of something via social media is never going to be effective. Someone isn’t going to say, “Well gosh, at 10:50am this morning I actually… Read more »

autoimmune personality survey results

Happy New Year, everyone! I’m excited to finally share with you the results of my Autoimmune-Personality Theory Survey. Again, thank you to all who participated.   INTRODUCTION First, I’d like to reiterate a little bit about the “study.” In essence, my research question for this study was: “Are certain personality types more prone to developing autoimmune conditions?” This started as a theory that I published back in 2016, which I developed after noticing many similarities in worldview and personality between… Read more »

joys of aip during holidays

Being AIP and managing an autoimmune condition can be…well, interesting You never know where a secret allergen may be hiding via GIPHY   Or what enlightening conversations you may have about your diet with your second cousin, Jerry via GIPHY   Sometimes it seems like everyone around you is excited, while you’re just trying to act “normal” at the family gathering Everything Is GIF from Everything GIFs   Shopping for gifts can be exhausting just by itself   But coordinating… Read more »

paleo aip vegan recipes

Alright, folks – here’s the deal. I really dislike the term “pegan” (i.e. paleo + vegan). It’s overly trendy and I believe it’s used purely as a marketing gimmick. So let me just be clear that I am not a “pegan” and that I do still follow the AIP diet 80% of the time because frankly, it’s just what makes me feel best. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s dig into one thing that I think is important:… Read more »

Hello there, and welcome to the next step in the evolution of the “Autoimmunity + Personality Theory.” Please read below for more details about this data collection effort.    BACKGROUND FOR SURVEY This survey is to help me expand upon a concept that I put together back in October 2016, entitled the “Autoimmunity + Personality Theory.” The basic premise of the theory is that many of us with autoimmune conditions share similar traits and characteristics, such as being Type A, maximizers,… Read more »

I recently returned from my honeymoon vacation in Hawaii. It was an amazing time full of fun, adventure, great food, picturesque panoramic views, and relaxation. I could truly write a whole post just on how splendid this place is, but for now, hopefully a few pictures will suffice. 🙂 Aside from the amazing time that we had, what I noticed most about my time in Hawaii (in addition to my general well-being and threshold for tolerating more strenuous activities and… Read more »

different seasons trees

We’re just a short 7 days away from the first day of Fall (for 2017), so I thought it would be fun to talk a little bit about the seasons and how we can use their different energies to our advantage when healing autoimmunity.   Fall has always been my favorite season because it just feels like my soul is gonna burst from me with excitement and enthusiasm (as opposed to Summer, where I’m mainly just irritable and sweaty for… Read more »