Hello there, and welcome to the next step in the evolution of the “Autoimmunity + Personality Theory.” Please read below for more details about this data collection effort.    BACKGROUND FOR SURVEY This survey is to help me expand upon a concept that I put together back in October 2016, entitled the “Autoimmunity + Personality Theory.” The basic premise of the theory is that many of us with autoimmune conditions share similar traits and characteristics, such as being Type A, maximizers,… Read more »

why women have more autoimmunity than men

It’s a well-recorded fact that autoimmune conditions disproportionately affect women; in fact, 78-80% of those with autoimmune conditions are women. It’s also true though that nobody is 100% sure why this is. As a man who blogs about autoimmunity, I notice this discrepancy because in some ways, I find the male voice in the autoimmune community lacking (but shoutout to my mate, Rory, from The Paleo PI, for being another positive male voice in the community!). I also run an… Read more »