AIP Valentine's Day dinner for 2

We all know that sometimes eating out while following an AIP (or even straight-up paleo) diet isn’t always the easiest. So what are two love birds to do when Valentine’s Day — one of the holidays probably most well-known for romantic nights out on the town — comes around?  Well, for the first couple years that I was sick and trying to heal, my wife and I would actually stay in and I’d cook a romantic dinner at home. Nothing wrong… Read more »

aip overly restrictive 2

Lately, there’s been more and more discussion about how the AIP diet is “militant” and “too  restrictive.” I don’t normally participate in these types of  inflammatory conversations  because I RARELY feel like these types of heated discussions on social media are productive – everyone is going to have their own opinions and trying to convince someone of something via social media is never going to be effective. Someone isn’t going to say, “Well gosh, at 10:50am this morning I actually… Read more »