This is going to sound slightly promotional for a moment so please excuse me, but the purpose of this website is to share knowledge, so whether that be my own knowledge, a guest blogger’s knowledge, or an external website’s knowledge, I want to share those resources with you so that you can continue to make informed, empowered decisions about your own health. So today I’m going to do just that. I found this wonderful Tedx Talk on one of my… Read more »

patience clock

We’ve all heard the adages, “Patience is a virtue”; “Good things come to those who wait”; and just plain old “Be patient”, but what do these really mean? What does it truly mean to be patient and how can we be more patient? To be honest, it’s taken me a long time to be able to even write about this topic, as I humbly admit that I am not known for my inherent patience. However, I have long since realized… Read more »

One of the most frequent sentiments I come across is, “Oh, I can’t ________; I’m much too old! “Or, “I’m far too stuck in my ways; I’ll never be able to change.” Well, I’m here to kindly tell you that you’re wrong. Despite what you, or others in your life, have been telling you, it’s never too late. It’s never too late to make a change, to clean up your life, or to fulfill your childhood dream. It’s never too… Read more »