AIP Diet 101

The autoimmune protocol (AIP) diet was created by Dr. Sarah Ballantyne as one possible answer to battling autoimmune conditions. The basic function of the diet is to do three main things: reduce inflammation in the body, encourage a normal functioning of the immune system and promote healing. Dr. Ballantyne has written a beautiful 400+ page book called The Paleo Approach that intricately explains all the inner workings of not only the diet, but about how and why autoimmune diseases occur… Read more »

5 reasons to drink water

Ah, water . . . one of the most powerful elements on earth. It can take on three different states (liquid, solid, gas), has the power to heal, hydrate and destroy, covers about 70% of our planet and also makes up about 70% of our bodies (cool coincidence? I think so!). To celebrate this awesome element and highlight all the truly powerful ways water can help to nourish and benefit you from a health perspective, we’ve put together this infographic… Read more »