If you’re thinking about migrating your diet from vegetarian or vegan to paleo/AIP, you may be experiencing a lot of hesitation and even mental upset about your decision. It can be a tough switch to go from not eating meat to eating a diet that tends to make meat a focal point – trust me, I know!

Before I went paleo in 2013, I followed a “veg” diet and lifestyle for several years. I felt such a closeness with a vegetarian and then vegan diet, as I felt like it aligned with a lot of my personal values and health goals at the time. Still, as time wore on and my body began to struggle from a lack of animal protein, I accepted that it was time to explore other options. It wasn’t easy, but I managed to transition my diet from vegan to paleo and make peace with my decision in the process. 

Read more about my full journey from vegan to paleo in my guest blog post over at Sweet Potatoes and Social Change!


Photo Cred: Sweet Potatoes & Social Change

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